Tell the Mayor: No New Jails in Brooklyn!

The Mayor’s plan  to close the jails on Rikers Island carries with it a plan to erect four new jails in New York, including one in Downtown Brooklyn. As socialists, we stand in solidarity with the oppressed and community organizers who oppose this recent iteration of the prison industrial complex. We disagree with the city’s rationale that more jails are necessary to keep our communities safe. We believe that by ending cash bail, pretrial detention, and broken windows policing, we can move away from our default setting of caging the poor and the sick and realize a genuine path towards decarcerating  New York City.

We ask that you join us in petitioning the city to oppose this plan to build new jails. We aspire to rebuild  our broken criminal justice system from the bottom up, without replicating the inhumanity that we will leave behind on Rikers Island. We need your help, we need your voice, and we need your words! Here is an example letter.

Here’s how to submit your letter: written comments on the city’s proposed plan for these new jails  will be accepted by the NYC Department of Corrections (DOC) through October 29, 2018, and should be sent to Howard Fiedler at 75-20 Astoria Boulevard, Suite 160, East Elmhurst, NY 11370, or can also be emailed to You should also CC the mayor’s department of criminal justice: All comments must be received by October 29.

Brad Menchl