Show comrades love by bringing food. We would like to continue offering healthy food options (not just pizza) at each of our branch meetings. We believe this to be good class praxis to ensure that our working-class members know they can anticipate sharing a nourishing hot meal with their comrades.  However, organizing dinner for a branch as large as ours is a major undertaking and if we are to continue with this practice, your organizing committee needs help. We ask that if you are able that you volunteer to bring a vegetarian dish or snack that can be labeled for allergens and shared with others at the meeting, it would be most appreciated. Cognizant that not everyone has the time or resources to provide hot food, we would also appreciate donations of non-alcoholic beverages, napkins, plates, utensils and cups. Sign up here!

Brad Menchl
Howie Hawkins Proposal

The Branches have been asked to consider an in-person vote on whether to endorse Howie Hawkins for Governor of New York at our next branch meeting. We on the CBK OC decided that the question of whether or not to debate and vote to move endorsement to the Citywide Leadership Committee should be a decision made by them members of the Central Brooklyn branch. To that end, we will be conducting week-long poll beginning on Wednesday to determine whether to proceed with this vote, and we welcome submissions to an Open Comment Document that will be open to member submissions beginning this evening.

If you would like to submit your perspective as to whether or not CBK should debate and vote on a potential endorsement of Howie Hawkins (G) for Governor of NY, use this form to send us your contribution. All member contributions will be added to the document linked above, so check it out regularly over the next 9 days to see what your comrades are saying. If you have any questions, comments or concerns about this process, please reach out to the OC at central.brooklyn@socialists.nyc.

Brad Menchl
Tell the Mayor: No New Jails in Brooklyn!

The Mayor’s plan  to close the jails on Rikers Island carries with it a plan to erect four new jails in New York, including one in Downtown Brooklyn. As socialists, we stand in solidarity with the oppressed and community organizers who oppose this recent iteration of the prison industrial complex. We disagree with the city’s rationale that more jails are necessary to keep our communities safe. We believe that by ending cash bail, pretrial detention, and broken windows policing, we can move away from our default setting of caging the poor and the sick and realize a genuine path towards decarcerating  New York City.

We ask that you join us in petitioning the city to oppose this plan to build new jails. We aspire to rebuild  our broken criminal justice system from the bottom up, without replicating the inhumanity that we will leave behind on Rikers Island. We need your help, we need your voice, and we need your words! Here is an example letter.

Here’s how to submit your letter: written comments on the city’s proposed plan for these new jails  will be accepted by the NYC Department of Corrections (DOC) through October 29, 2018, and should be sent to Howard Fiedler at 75-20 Astoria Boulevard, Suite 160, East Elmhurst, NY 11370, or can also be emailed to boroughplan@doc.nyc.gov. You should also CC the mayor’s department of criminal justice: mocj@cityhall.nyc.gov. All comments must be received by October 29.

Brad Menchl
Help Start a Comrade Game Night!

Comrades would like to start a gaming night. We are fortunate right now to have access to a large, comfortable after-school program space near Park Slope available to us several evenings a month. The space itself specializes in board games. With a few volunteers, we could produce there a gaming night for CBK comrades and their families, potentially opening up events to the entire chapter. Once such a committee is comfortable with its capacity organizing this space, we would encourage them to continue their organizing until they have occupied another. And perhaps thereafter another. And so on and so forth until the gaming community of Brooklyn is very red indeed. If you want to partake in this organizing opportunity, fill out this form.

Brad Menchl
Join the DSA Translations Team!

A group of comrades are putting together a citywide translations team to help better distribute our chapter's translation work and ensure we have more of our materials available in languages other than English! Though in the short term the group will be focused on written translations, they're welcoming people of all skill levels. If you're interested in helping out with translation work, please fill out this form.

Brad Menchl
Join the Red Sprouts!

Providing free childcare for every DSA event is absolutely essential to any socialist feminist project. Members of the Socialist Feminist working group are working to create a collective of DSA members willing to provide this service on a volunteer basis for meetings, reading groups, and other events at which childcare isn't typically provided. If you're interested in joining the collective, please fill out this form. We especially encourage our cis male comrades to volunteer. If you'd like to learn more about this initiative or be a part of the organizing team, take a look at our proposal or email fetterolf.elizabeth@gmail.com.

Brad Menchl
Support Incarcerated Workers!

DSA recently endorsed the biggest national prison strike in US history. Demanding improved working and living conditions, incarcerated workers across the country are staging sit ins and hunger strikes as well as striking from work for which they are paid cents an hour.

DSA stands with incarcerated workers against the racist and classist police state and prison system, and recognizes that our prison industrial system amounts to modern-day slavery. The Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee (IWOC) is calling for outside support for the strike, which began August 21 and is set to continue through September 9. IWOC has identified specific prisons to call and flood phone lines in support of the strike. Please fill out this form to join phone zaps happening daily.